My EA became more than just a support system

the value of time and effort

Amidst the hyper-growth, as CEO of my previous startup, I found myself navigating uncharted waters as our business experienced unprecedented growth. In the midst of this whirlwind, I came to 
a profound realization about the value of time and effort.

Despite my initial hesitation, I recognized the need for additional support to sustain our momentum and safeguard my own well-being.

Transformative Decision

The decision to bring an Executive Assistant into my life was transformative. Initially, the concept hadn't crossed my mind, but as the demands on my time multiplied, the necessity became undeniable.

With the strategic support of my EA, tasks that once consumed my days were managed efficiently, freeing me to focus on essential leadership responsibilities.

Beyond Support

My EA quickly became more than just a support system; they became an integral part of navigating our rapid growth. Together, we forged a partnership built on trust and shared vision, empowering me to lead with clarity and confidence.

This motivated me to create a service that can help other C-level execs scale themselves, and therefore the company to new heights.

Our mission to finding the best talent and unlocking their true potential

We're on a mission to discover exceptional talent and up-skill them to new heights, enabling both EAs and clients to unlock their potential for professional and personal growth and productivity.

Core values

long term relationships

We are here to develop long term relationships

We prioritize fostering enduring connections with clients, equally as important creating a community with other EAs to build a sense of belonging. We are against the traditional toxic BPO culture.


Communication is oxygen

As a remote company, clear and open communication is vital to our success, enabling understanding and collaboration.

Hyper-focused on

Unlock human potential to its fullest

We are dedicated to continuous training,
not only the EA, but also the client as well.

Highest quality of service

Scale our clients productivity
and accomplishing their goals

Our focus is on delivering top-quality service, boosting client productivity, and ensuring clients achieve their goals.

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