why hermessi?

We do not just execute tasks,

we obsessively focus on service quality

Our dedication to service quality is unparalleled. Every action is taken with the utmost care, ensuring outcomes that exceed expectations.

We do not just recruit,

we hunt for the
best talent

Our approach to recruitment is meticulous and expansive; we don't just look for talent, we dedicate ourselves to uncovering the diamonds in the rough, scouring the globe to ensure our team is composed of the most exceptional talent available.

We do not just train,

we up-skill

Training is not a one-time event for us. We commit to continuously enhancing the skills of our team, from the newest tools to the most effective AI prompts, keeping them ahead of the curve in efficiency and expertise, so you do not have to learn them.

We do not just assist,

we take care of the entire spectrum of your life

Assistance from us spans more than just professional tasks; we offer comprehensive support across all aspects of life, from work, family, wellness, learning and fulfillment, ensuring a balanced and enriching experience for our clients.

We do not just “use” AI,

we provide a human powered experience augmented by AI

We believe that AI is the future, but humans prefer to talk to humans, we aim to be the curators of your high productivity experience. We integrate AI in ways that augment our human-driven services, ensuring a seamless blend of efficiency and personal touch.

We do not just provide an elite EA,

we nurture them to be your Chief of Staff

Providing elite EAs is just the start; we focus on their growth to become Chiefs of Staff, capable of strategic leadership, company-wide projects, navigating social dynamics, and comprehensive support.

We don't just offer a workplace,

we create a nurturing community with support and coaching

We believe that happy EAs lead to satisfied C-level executives, so pur workplace is more than just a space to work; it's a community that offers support and coaching, fostering an environment where happiness and professional growth go hand in hand.

Lifetime continuity guarantee,

never hire another assistant again

Your tasks are shared among a team, ensuring continuous and thorough documentation, adaptable even as tools and processes evolve. This guarantees uninterrupted coverage, whether your EA is unavailable due to illness or vacation.

Turning Past EA Challenges into Future Success

If you've faced difficulties with an Executive Assistant in the past, it's crucial to understand that it wasn't solely about the EA's performance but also about aligning expectations and ensuring proper training for both you and the EA.

At Hermessi, we recognize this dual need for education and alignment, focusing on a holistic approach to support that guarantees both parties are equipped for success, transforming previous challenges into a foundation for future excellence.

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